Decca + Decca's design process is defined by 4 linear steps.


establishing a design foundation

This kick-off meeting is where we get to know our clients.  What is their profile, personality and life style? We will discuss needs, aesthetic preferences, space usage,  style, etc. to help us identify the ideal design direction for the project. In this meeting we will bring several images of objects, furniture, spaces and will ask questions to help our clients define what their preferences are.


the project

At this phase we present the design concept for the space and the actual project. We will bring floorplans, images, renderings and samples of materials and finishes.  We will also present the 3D renderings that helps clients have a realistic view into how the space will actually look. We will also present a budget at this stage.


adjustments and detailing

At this stage we will work on eventual adjustments that might be needed from the design presentation. We will also work on detailed construction drawings that will be used for construction, custom furniture, built-ins, etc.



Construction, purchase, delivery and installation should take place at this point.  We work with a team of qualified partners specialized in different areas of services. We will take care of all the orders as well as supervise all services that will take place at the project location. After all is completed we work on any eventual adjustments that might be necessary to make sure the final result is executed to perfection.